Our mission is to help you navigate the overwhelming digital landscape to find clarity in your marketing, align with your brand, and grow your business authentically. 

The Collective model supports the idea that emerging and established business owners who are pursuing their dreams can be an amazing support for one another. By collaborating on projects and giving each participant the portion that lights them up and is connected with their passion, everyone wins.


lead designer


Welcome to the Studio, I’m Alison

I opened Truth Design Studio in 2017 after many years of supporting people as they started businesses and pursued their dreams. I did this along side my work as a Digital Marketing Strategist at an agency where I worked with big businesses and global corporations, and over the years became more and more connected to the desire to fully support entrepreneurs and small business owners. My exit from the corporate world was an exciting and scary time, and I have experienced this time and time again through my work with entrepreneurs ever since.

It was around the same time as I made my way into business ownership that I also allowed myself to lean more heavily on my own intuition and inner guidance and found great comfort in the knowing that I was on the right track. With this, I love to use intuition in my day-to-day work, offering oracle card readings as a compliment to marketing strategy, and offer tools to tap into one’s own guidance system for staying in alignment with your biz.

Shifting out of a heavily strategy oriented role, my creative side flourished and I spent the first year or so of Truth Design Studio focusing only on web design and creating logos. I absolutely love the process of helping people tune into who they are, and how their business is an extension of themselves - and pulling that all together into a unique design.

Along the way. I couldn’t help but feel the pull to offer continued support and marketing services to my clients. After all, I’ve always had a knack for it, and I always enjoy seeing the success that comes from a focused effort. But my passions don’t fall heavily into the marketing world at this stage of my life, and I found myself wanting help… and the Collective was born.





Hi there, I am Melissa!

I am a wedding photographer, dog mom and creator of things on the internet. When I was just 13 years old, I began my own business, Melissa Gebert Photography. This taught me everything from operating a camera manually, to creating a website and building a brand. While my business is in a very different place 10 years later, those early experiences grew me tremendously. Through trial and error over the years, I have been able to see what works and what really, really doesn’t.

Alongside working on my own projects, I also have lived in the corporate world as a marketing specialist. This has enabled me to see both sides of the spectrum and apply some of the principles larger companies use to help entrepreneurs. I love helping people speak their message, find their tribe, and grow their business through social media.

Social media is the best way to create relationship and community between you and your customers. I can't count the number of times that I've heard "...but no one cares what I'Mdoing!". It couldn't be farther from the truth. The insights into your process and your brand are all part of the story that creates engagement and genuine connection.

Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs is what it's all about! No one understands this crazy lifestyle more than the people who are already in it. Helping others evolve their businesses is one of my favorite things to do and I love the opportunity to bring my own insight to the collective!


Hello, I'm Chelsea.

And I want you to be everything that's you, deep at the center of your being.

I can't help but take my set of photographer eyes with me everywhere I go. When I look through the viewfinder of my camera and I visually process the elements and individual details of a scene into a balanced and pleasing arrangement, I'm reminded of how in our own lives we strive to be centered.

I grew up in a family where almost every moment of my life was documented. I have countless videos, letters, books, and especially photographs that depict the great story of my journey navigating the hills and valleys of life. I knew I wanted to photograph other lives when sharing my past with friends. Over and over again I would hear "I wish I had photos from when I was a kid." Life passes us in the blink of an eye, and I have eyes that want to help you hold onto that moment just a little bit longer.

I'm passionate about brand photography because It’s more than just creating beautiful and aesthetically pleasing images to represent a brand. The idea that an image can create a confidence for both seller and buyer, creating that relationship through brand photography, is important and necessary aspect of your business. It shows professionalism as well as making your service or product memorable to your client. 

I'm excited to be able to offer my expertise in design regarding imagery/photography because settling for anything less than top quality for your brand is no longer okay. My desire to help people overrides societies idea to just “get the job done,” and I'm happy to create a space for you to learn that you’re worth it, and watch you succeed.